Another long day, but damn, getting further in things. Presented a mini project that i worked on for automotive design studio today.

Ready? Its a movie concept, pretty dope. The instructor, Kyle, he told us for over the weekend to put together vehicle (cars, meaning that we are in Automotive design, duh…) concepts for today on exisiting movies (the main charcters or what have you or make up your own concept film…

I made “Steam Demons”, a film concept about, actually, a love triangle formed from the aspirations of two nerds and a female. The story takes place in the 1820s-30s, just before the rise of mass locomotive transportation, which would place this firmly in the Late Victorian era. Thus, i took a look at the art genre, steampunk, for themes for inspiration. Pretty dope, huh?

So the two guys, one a eccentric billionaire looking to expand his family legacy (or linage, whatever) and the other an already established modern “wizard” inventor/ tinkerer, compete in a race over a female they both fall in love with. (figures that women make you do the darnest things. LOL).

I’ll post the sketches for the vehicles in time, as soon as i photo document them…you will know..

-peace and love…

The "Steam Demons" Video Pitch