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“Today i looked forward, the past seems to be as a shadow”

Well, today’s Sunday, in the wake of Valentine’s Day, I’d thought I’d take the opportunity to begin this blog right…I havent really ever found affinity to write anything avidly except for poetry once a time long ago, but eh, im becoming dispirited in my routines that I think taking this moment to exercise this unseen, unrealized aspect of myself, that i should take it to heart and just note my thoughts. I just bookmarked this site, so i can use it as an excuse to vent, think in words, and blah blah to myself. In this post, I official declare my devotion to writing often. In that, I’d also like to state that this post will be echoed on all my social networks and personal blogs, hopefully that to accompany new friends, family, and admirers to enjoy what i think of at all times…

So there it is: my official declaration to apply myself to this site and my endeavors fully. Hope you enjoy the ride. It’s a new day…

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