Pardon Our Dust as I expand the universe...

Hey bloggers,

It took me some time to sort through my blogging priorities and found out a lot of great things along the way of my realization. For one, if you are hanging onto my posts in suspense, don't. Ironically, I don't really like to post here, on the contrary, I post on my tumbleblog alot more frequent, almost constant. With that, if you want a more comprehensive view of me, feel free to follow or RSS that. Otherwise, this blog will be only feed artwork, no critque or insight. I appreciate you all following and your support.

I've been currently involved in digitally cataloging my work, particularly, my slew of sketchbooks that range in mediums from ballpoint, pencil, and paint...

Anyway, i digress, expect that every Friday, beginning Oct. 9th, a series of consecutive posts and excerpts from each sketchbook, in page succession.

Feel free to lend your insight and commentary either by email, or by DISCUS comments (coding that into the posts...)

Peace and love.